The Caretaker Prime Minister stays - UK Election 2017

UK - Preservationists have another epithet for Theresa May: The Caretaker Prime Minister.

MPs starting from the cabinet host chose she can't lead the get-together into the following decision after her "shocking" demonstrating this month.

Be that as it may, similarly they know an administration change this not long after the general population has talked would mean another vote – and the possibility of "Executive Corbyn".

So they have chosen to bolster Mrs May openly, for the present. Be that as it may, get Tory MPs in the hallways of Westminster and there is one theme of discussion – not on the off chance that she will go, but rather when.

"There is a qualification between the short and medium-term and the long haul," clarified one Cabinet serve. "The battle has uncovered she is not a decent campaigner. I don't think she is the correct individual to lead us into 2022."

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