Prabowo Boasts Defense University Cadets at ADMM Plus Gala Dinner

18 Nov 2023, 22:11 WIB Last Updated 2023-11-18T15:11:14Z

 Jakarta - In front of the defense ministers (Menhan) throughout ASEAN and the defense ministers of ASEAN dialogue partner countries, the Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto said he was proud of the Pertahanan University (Unhan) student cadets.

"I feel proud of these young people. They are cadets from our ministry, Pertahanan University and are recipients of full scholarships," said Prabowo at the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting Plus 2023 Gala Dinner at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta. , Thursday (16/11) evening.

"I feel very proud of them, because many of them come from remote areas in Indonesia," he continued.

Even though they come from remote areas, Prabowo revealed that their success in getting this educational scholarship was their own effort.

"They were able to enter this Pertahanan University solely because of their own abilities. So, I am very proud of them," he explained.

Apart from being proud of their success in being able to get a scholarship. Prabowo was also proud of their ability to present a neat orchestral performance at the ADMM Plus Gala Dinner that evening.

The Pertahanan University student cadets, said Prabowo, were asked to play musical instruments. "I was very curious when they were asked (to play musical instruments) because many of them came from small villages in Indonesia. However, they could play classical instruments," he said.

Due to the stunning performance given by the Pertahanan University student cadets, Prabowo hopes that the defense ministers and state delegations who attended will enjoy it.

"I hope you can all appreciate their performance," he concluded.

The student cadets who appeared at the Gala Dinner were recipients of undergraduate education scholarships from the Pertahanan University. The establishment of the S-1 Defense University in 2020 was an initiation and direct direction from Prabowo.

This policy was taken as one of Prabowo's steps in preparing national defense resources capable of responding to every dynamic threat now and in the future.

This university, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense, has an undergraduate education level with four faculties, namely the Faculty of Military Medicine; Military Pharmacy Faculty; Military Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA); and the Faculty of Defense Science and Technology.